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Innovative Solutions for Your Precision Needs

Empowering Precision

Discover Tilt-Tech CC, your trusted partner in precision instrumentation. Explore our range of cutting-edge tools and solutions designed to elevate your measurement experience.

Elevating Accuracy

Precision Instruments Hub

Discover precision at its finest with our curated selection of digital levels, sensors, and inclinometers. Sourced from trusted manufacturers, our products guarantee accuracy and reliability for your measurement needs. Explore now and elevate your precision experience.

Digital Levels

Precision tools for accurate leveling and measurement tasks, ensuring precise alignment in various applications.

Rotary & Linear Displacement Sensors

Tilt-Tech is the sole importer of Midori and Megatron products. We supply a wide range of Rotary and Linear Sensors, including Wire-wound Potentiometers, Conductive Plastic, Magneto-Resistive and Hall IC Sensors.

Tiltmeters & Inclinometers

Specialized instruments for measuring tilt and inclination angles with high accuracy, ideal for geotechnical and structural monitoring applications.

Plan Measures

Innovative planning tools designed to streamline project management and measurement processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Smart Locks

Cutting-edge locking systems equipped with smart technology for enhanced security and convenience, providing seamless access control solutions.

Air Observer Loggers

Advanced monitoring devices for environmental data collection, offering real-time insights into air quality and conditions.

Empowering Your Process Control Needs with Expertise and Innovation

Tilt-Tech CC: Your Trusted Partner in Precision Control

Tilt-Tech CC brings over 30 years of expertise in process control and motion sensing solutions. Led by industry veterans, we prioritize precision and reliability in every project. Count on us for tailored solutions sourced from trusted suppliers.

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